Michael Darling

Michael Darling

Founding Partner

After being educated in Denver and Seattle, I settled down in the Pasadena area in 1985. For over two decades, I have consistently been considered a top Realtor® – representing buyers and sellers of single-family and condominiums throughout Los Angeles and beyond.
My affiliation with dpp real estate stems from my belief in the company’s team philosophy – which extends into the communities it serves.

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Let's just say I don't know where I'd be if I hadn't let Sandi Rozman and Michael Darling handle my move after my mother passed. I had a home filled with memories and several lifetime's worth of valuable (and not so valuable) things, and no idea how to prioritize the urgent from the trivial amidst a project so daunting. Sandi and Michael took charge. Their knowledge, resources and compassion are deep. They managed the legalities, suggested crucial repairs, organized the inspections, wrangled the paperwork, finessed countless subtleties and even helped sled-dog some boxes. All while keeping me aware of where I was in the process and knowing what to expect next. Until I was through it. This team comes more than qualified and highly recommended.

— Laura Z


When my wife and I decided to sell our home in Pasadena, we interviewed four different realtors. We felt very confident in our choice of the team of Michael Darling and Sandi Rozman and our choice was verified by the results. Our home sold promptly and the process was painless. We were immediately impressed by how open and honest and friendly Michael and Sandi were and we were comfortable working with them. They never dealt with hype but provided solid advice as to how to prepare the home for sale, and then guided us through the sale process. We were reluctant to do some of the repairs and repainting that were suggested, but they were right. Their suggestions were what led to the successful sale. Even their choice of a new color for the main rooms was right on as the ultimate buyers remarked that they "loved the look of the rooms." A suggestion was made to dramatically "open up" the main rooms providing much more light and enhancing the views and the changes brought rave reviews from people visiting the home. In short, every suggestion they made proved to be correct and directly resulted in a successful sale. They provided access to teams of professionals that made the home presentable and they provided invaluable personal help to get the home on the market. In short, without their input and personal effort, we would not have achieved our successful result. The two are a delight to work with and have now become friends. I can't imagine why a prospective home seller would not engage their services.

— Quincy H.


When we decided to put our San Rafael house on the market, we had many things to consider. About the only thing not on that list is who our listing agents would be. Sandi and Michael have an incredible reputation and for good reason. Over the decade-plus that we lived in San Rafael Hills, we watched the houses go on and off the market, the ones that sold the quickest were theirs. We saw several houses in our neighborhood go on the market, remain unsold, and go off the market, only to return on the market with the Rozman and Darling sign. They have an aesthetic, a brand, knowledge, and grace. That's how they sell houses. They sold our house with multiple offers in one week and got us into a wonderful home that also had multiple offers. And wouldn't you know? Their agents loved working with ours. Thank you, Sandi and Michael!

— H. & K.


We were fortunate to have Michael and his partner, Sandi Rozman, as our agents when we put our house in the San Rafael Hills on the market a few months ago. They are well known and highly respected in real estate in the San Rafael Hills and surrounding areas. We are thankful that the sale went through successfully. Michael and Sandi earned their stellar reputation in the area through their hard work, knowledge, expertise, and most importantly, their dedication to their client's interests. They were very helpful in offering us constructive advice and preparing our home for the market and effectively managed the process from start to finish. We have no reservations about recommending their professional services.

— D. & A.H


In late 2010 sold my home in Pasadena in a week for $1.6 million. Preparation for the listing was awesome and follow-through after the sale was amazingly thorough and far above my expectations. The best agent I have ever worked with!

— R. Swan


We have sold and purchased 2 homes with Michael. He is very responsive to our frequent calls about current market trends. Professional is the best description of Michael's business. Your home will look like a million bucks in the marketing plan he creates for your home. He did with ours!

— K. Tatsuno


Michael sold me a home in 2004, and when it came time for me to sell that same home in 2010, I could think of no one better than Michael to use as my agent. He knew the house, and the neighborhood and his ability to market and sell my home was remarkable. He actually spent several days helping to get my backyard ready for showings. I highly recommend him.

— R. Callahan


Michael did a fantastic job selling our home in Pasadena. He has a deep understanding of the market, is incredibly responsive, and is very familiar with the negotiation process. Michael always keep the process moving forward and sold our home in only 30 days. It was a true pleasure to work with Michael and we could not be more pleased.

— F. Santo


We have known Michael for more than 10 years. We met Michael when first looking for a home in Pasadena. When we decided to move from the area after 9 years. Michael was the only realtor we contacted to represent our sale due to his experience, professionalism, and extensive knowledge of the Pasadena market. Michael prepared a marketing plan customized for the sale of our home and advised on pricing and updates to prepare for the sale. As a result of Michael's work, we received multiple offers upon listing. Michael carefully evaluated the quality of the offers. The offer accepted allowed us to close 30 days from the listing date with the smoothest real estate transaction we have ever experienced.

— Richard & Tracey B.


Michael Darling is the best real-estate agent we have ever worked with. He had the inspiration to show us a Gordon Kaufmann house in Pasadena that had just come on the market. We snapped it up and have never been happier. Thank you Michael, we owe it all to you.

— B.Sargent & J.Swain


We had lived in our Pasadena home for over 30 years, so the prospect of selling was somewhat daunting. However, Michael made us feel comfortable with the word "go". He was supportive, energetic, fun to work with, realistic when necessary, and always the consummate professional. He was constantly saying "I'll take care of that" -- and he did. His great marketing paid off; we received numerous offers on our home and Michael helped us work through them, making each step perfectly clear. Selling our home through Michael Darling was a dream and I have already introduced him to the rest of my family.

— T. LeMoncheck

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